Geocaching International Film Festival
November 8 - 12, 2018

Host a GIFF Event

On November 8 - 12, the GIFF finalist films will be shown around the world by geocachers like you who host a GIFF Event. GIFF Events can be submitted on starting August 8. Learn How to Host a GIFF Event and read our Tips for Hosting a GIFF Event for inspiration.   

From finding new favorite places, people, and puzzles, geocaching is full of moments that should be captured on film and shared with the geocaching world. This year filmmakers were asked to film a great story about the game we love and send it to us. The deadline for film submissions has now passed and Geocaching HQ is reviewing and judging films during the month of August. 

August 1 • Film Contest Submission Deadline (passed)
August 8-12 • Hosts begin submitting GIFF Events for review
September 4 • Film Finalists Announced
2 weeks before November 8-12 • Deadline to submit GIFF Events for review
November 8-12 • Films Screen Worldwide

The 2018 GIFF Finalists are...

At long last, the Geocaching International Film Festival 2018 finalists have been chosen! These films stand out above the rest for their creativity, production quality, content, and contribution to the global community of geocachers.

Let’s give a huge round of applause to the following films and directors (in order of the 2018 Film reel):

  1. The Night I Became a Were-Cacher | Fluffnight & kttyquest

  2. Finding our family's lost monument through Geocaching | rolfdenver

  3. Geo | ZippyZipperZoo

  4. Geocaching documentary: Winter caching in Finland | weellu & Harjus

  5. I Am Geocache | Skimbosh

  6. All you need is CACHE | slynie

  7. Justice GIFF League | Team AlboGIFF (boret, carlos_cga, NaxoMenX, pequenaruth, riherpe, xmetraya&mancusina)

  8. Geocaching in the Change of Time | Team GC-Therapiegruppe (McMuts, Baluteam, Frau Schmidt, Freilandjäger, matzoo70, Mönchen811, Sternschnuppe31)

  9. Geocaching is Awesome. | Bretonv

  10. One day | Team URNA (JeDie, geo.luki, Migvin, carodejka_s.r.o., Joeyk59, Pavoucek86, Re:Bell)

  11. Why I Geocache | TeamScortney

  12. Six techniques geocaching | F1ndmycache

  13. Geocache Mojo | jellyfishumbrella

  14. Little Helpers From Outer Space | Team Cassiopeia (MudMen_GER, Dracou, Navi-Sol, MacPivi)

  15. TFTC | treasurehuntergd

  16. COMA | Team CoMiKa (Comepiedras, MiTesoro, Kankus y MJ)