1. gather the right EQUIPMENT

GIFF event hosts will be sent the digital file containing the film reel a few weeks before their approved Event. It is the responsibility of the host to figure out how to show the films. The key to a happy audience will be choosing the right equipment for the size of your event. The following are possible film screening options:

  • Small Event: (<20 people): A large TV connected to a computer may be a big enough screen for this sort of event.

  • Medium-sized Event (20-60 people): Rent, borrow, or buy a digital projector and screen. This can be set up inside or outside.

  • Larger Event (>60+ people): Rent a local movie theater and show the films there. The GIFF film reel is approximately one hour long.

2. make sure you'll get the film reel

Remember that only approved events will receive the GIFF film reel. After your Event has been published on, fill out the GIFF Event Submission Form. You will be notified via email when your Event is approved. Your Event will be added to the official List of 2019 GIFF Events

3. let your guests know what to expect

To ensure that your attendees have the best experience, make sure they know what to expect at your event. If snacks are allowed at the venue, encourage people to bring them. If the event is being held outside, people may want to bring their own seating and something warm to wear in the evening.  


Check out recaps from GIFF 2018, GIFF 2017 and GIFF 2016 for some ideas on how to add fun and flair to your event. 


After your Event is approved on and you will receive digital assets you can customize for your Event. Use these images to create posters, tickets, and other fun mementos. 

6. vote on best film

Every GIFF event can hold its own vote for best film. If you've picked a winner, let the filmmaker know! Search their username on


GIFF merchandise is available in the Geocaching Shop and from certain international distributors. Some hosts decide to purchase swag items such as GIFF stickers or trackables to give away to attendees.

8. popcorn

Popcorn is probably one of the most common foods associated with movie nights. Why not provide some for your guests? Get creative with the popcorn containers, or make a popcorn bar full of different toppings, so that people can customize their snacks!

9. Share photos

Share photos from your event on social media with the hashtag #geocachingfilmfestival, for a chance to have your photos shown on Geocaching HQ's official Instagram, Facebook, and Blog! Note: please make sure you have permission to share photos of other people.