Does my GIFF event need to be published on as an event cache? 
Yes. In order to qualify to receive the GIFF film reel, an event will need to be submitted on, reviewed by a volunteer reviewer, and published.

What do I need to do in order to qualify for the GIFF film reel? 
1. Submit your event on after August 2, 2017.
2. Once your event is published, fill out the GIFF Submission Form.

How will I know if my event has qualified to receive the GIFF film reel?
You will receive an email from Geocaching HQ notifying you when your event has been approved. Your event will be added to the bookmark list of approved GIFF 2017 Events.

What exactly is in the GIFF film reel? 
The GIFF film reel will contain the films that are selected as finalists from all of the submissions Geocaching HQ receives. 

When will I receive the film reel? 
Geocaching HQ will share the final film reel with event hosts via email after October 23, 2017.

What format is the film reel? 
The film reel will be a digital movie file such as .mov or .mp4. 

What order are the films in on the GIFF reel?
The films will be shown in the following order:

TRIBUTE  |  sleepyeve  |  USA
Geocaching: Your Passport to Adventure  |  alienchauncey  |  USA
Geocaching is Free  |  lat&long junkie  |  Australia
The Art of Geocaching  |  Zaise  |  USA
The Reviewer’s Day  |  BruteFilmCZ  |  Czech Republic
FOUND IT! (My Geocaching Adventure)  |  K8brownie  |  USA
Geo Early Learning  |  Pigwig2  |  Australia
FTFever  |  AlboGIFF_Team  |  Spain
Geocaching Day in Vilnius  |  kaimynas  |  Lithuania
The Future of Geocaching  |  .alma.  |  Germany      
The Art of Geocaching  |  GunnerMac  |  Canada
Harry Dirtski and Disco Box  |  QbaPL  |  Poland
The Road to Geocacher  |  Bakatono  |  Japan
A Travel Bug's Life  |  GeoElmo6000  |  USA      
The Discovery of the FTF-Hunter  |  treasurehuntergd  |  Germany
Antarctica |  svieca  |  Slovakia
Little Geo-rge  |  Charros Team  |  Spain  

How long are the films all together? 
The final film reel will be approximately 1 hour long. 

What language are the films in?
Dialogue in the films may be in any language, but any dialogue not in English must have English subtitles. 

Are subtitles available?
Subtitles are available for some languages. Please let us know on your GIFF Submission Form which language you would like. We will do our best to have subtitles translated for frequently requested languages. We may not be able to translate all languages requested.

Can I add subtitles to the films in my own language myself?
Yes. If you would like to translate dialogue in the films and add subtitles to them, you may do so. Please let us know if you plan to do this at! We wouldn't want you to spend time translating for a language that will already be available. Also, there may be other hosts in the community that would benefit greatly from the language translation you provide, it it won't be available from us. 

When will we know which films are selected as finalists?
Finalist films will be announced here on the GIFF website September 15th. They will also be announce on Geocaching's other social media after the 15th. 

Will there be a souvenir this year?
Yes! Anyone who attends an official GIFF event will receive the 2017 GIFF souvenir.